About Property Linker

PROPERTYLINKER PTY LTD is one of the leading companies in property development and investment solutions in the Australia property market located in Sydney CBD. We have extensive experience in all fields of property development and investment. PROPERTYLINKER is aiming at searching the best property resources all over Australia and creating wealth for investors with different demands. Our goal is help our investors have financial freedom, not only to become rich but also to become wealthy.

Concept and Purpose

PROPERTYLINKER PTY LTD is to provide comprehensive real estate services to many real estate owners, investors and occupiers, including uncompleted sales, real estate development, investment consultants. We are convinced that providing excellent service based on customer orientation, customers and achieve win-win situation, creating customer success. The company into a sustainable growth, innovation, pluralism hair long lead times for investment companies.

Our Team Executive Management

Ben Lin

Managing Director

    Our Team Sales Team

    Dennis Lee

    Senior Sales Consultant

      Gia Zhang

      Senior Sales Consultant

        Xin Wang

        Finance Manger

          Karl Li

          Senior Sales Consultant

            Sherry Wang

            Senior Sales Consultant

              Yogi Wong

              Senior Sales Consultant

                Crystal Zhang

                Senior Sales Consultant

                  Wayne Wu

                  Senior Sales Consultant

                    Simon Liu

                    Senior Sales Consultant

                      Vincent Liang

                      Senior Sales Consultant

                        Service Introduction

                          • icon_advisory

                            Property investment advisory services

                            Our professional investment advisers fully understand the situation and the needs of each guest, tailored to customers to choose their best properties.
                          • icon_leasing

                            Real estate leasing services

                            Our real estate leasing sector to provide customers with a variety of leasing options, comprehensive rental housing to solve all problems is that customers feel "component forwarded to me, the problem is to find "Propertylinker" easy hire.
                          • icon_codevelopment

                            Real estate cooperative development

                            Propertylinker’s Development department also focused on the development of the short-term the best value property, to turn itself into the most successful and most trusted developers.
                          • icon_optimization

                            Property Optimization Services

                            With customers in the process of gradually acquired real estate investment market characteristics and investment rules, and optimization of a diversified portfolio of investment products and in the form of more and more important, Propertylinker investment advisers to provide the latest assessment and optimization of assets scheme.
                          • icon_legaladvice

                            Professional legal advice

                            PropertyLinker cooperative law firm to help customers solve issues related to real estate law, such as contract terms descriptions. Our lawyers are persistent fight for the interests of every customer status fair and reasonable.

                        Contact us

                        You can leave a message through the administrate office, tell us what specific aspects of the information you need, or seek any kind of property. We'll make the most professional investment adviser team answering questions for you.

                        • (+61) 466 631 635
                        • info@propertylinker.com.au
                        • 1800-749-980 (Australia Toll Free)
                        • 95-040-488-039 (China Toll Free)
                        • Suite 503, Level 5, 580 Geogre Street, HSBC Building, Sydney, NSW, 2000
                        • 20512 World Square Sydney NSW 2002
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